As brands compete to stand out in today’s noisy internet age, many companies are looking for that silver-bullet strategy to make products and services stick with customers. Often, this can feel like a futile exercise, especially as customers’ social media feeds continue to expand with next-best-things at every click.

Event activations, however, can change that game! Events are a great way to not only build brand awareness, but also nurture real business-to-consumer relationships by directly engaging with target audiences. The goal is to give consumers a good taste of the brand’s personality and reputation, leaving a lasting impression on consumers that only an event experience can provide. Activations can take many different approaches depending on your brand and consumer audience – but here are four tips for making yours a success:

  • Capitalize on ways to get #trending. Leveraging specific trends during event activations allows the brand to reach larger audiences by taking the event online. In 2016, Sonic used Coachella, a popular music and arts festival, to promote their square milkshakes all over social media. Coachella attendees were given a milkshake for free if they posted “#squareshakes” on their Instagram. Boom… instant impact.
  • Partner with influencers/other brands. Partnering with influencers or other companies can boost the credibility of products and services showcased at an event. This is usually a win-win situation for all parties involved (a little extra attention for you both!) and nets an overall bigger audience.
  • Make your event interactive. Any event that offers its audience a chance to be interactive, especially in a unique and creative way, has an instant advantage. Taking the event from something the audience observes to something they’re a part of can leave that desirable long-lasting impression on the customer. So, get creative! Consider how attendees can step inside the event experience – and leave with a behind-the-scenes look at the brand that resonates.
  • Give your audience what they want. Consider the location of your event, and what its usual traffic looks like. Why are bystanders or attendees there in the first place, and how can your brand enhance that experience? In 2017, Nordstrom set up special shops that sold experiences to their consumers. These shops provided services such as makeovers, styling, and samples. Nordstrom knew exactly who their audience was: Women who appreciate fashion and beauty. With this information in mind, they were able to provide their consumers with exactly what they were looking for – and leave them with a lasting impression of their brand.

More than anything, your event must be authentic to your company! Through active listening and creative storytelling in the strategy phase, you can create an overall delightful event experience that will humanize your brand and forge a positive connection with consumers in years to come. At PIVOT PR, we’re pros at all of the above. Give us a shout to chat about how we can help with your event strategy today.