Before great content management systems like WordPress and intuitive search engines like Google, you needed an “SEO guy” who could manipulate website code, meta tag, and keyword spam in the hope that your website could be found on a high Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Back then it was very expensive and quite technical, not to mention a bit unethical. Luckily that’s not the case anymore.

Now, if you’re looking for quality organic search results, you can take a page from the PR playbook. Why? Because PR professionals specialize in three of the most important things you need for SEO: quality content that helps earn a digital footprint that ultimately results in online credibility. Below is an explanation of each.

Quality content: PR professionals are inherently great writers who produce quality website and social media copy, press releases, blogs, case studies, white papers, etc. These are all tools to help organizations be found and shared online. Without the right content, it’s pretty hard to communicate, right? It’s fundamental.

Digital footprint: It’s more important now than ever for PR professionals to develop relationship, but not with just traditional media outlets like your local newspaper, but also social media influencers, bloggers and editors with online new sites. Leveraging those relationships will result in online coverage helping you create a digital footprint well beyond just your website and company social channels.

Online credibility:  If you do the above, your SEO will increase because very complex and ever-changing search engine algorithms are now smart enough to recognize who’s “legit.”

You see, that’s the beauty of PR. You don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of money on organic SEO or even advertising. And, everyone including Google gives you credit for it!

Looking to learn more about SEO? Check out Google’s SEO starter guide here for more on the technical side. Looking to learn more about how you can leverage PR for SEO purposes? We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about it.