For decades, PR professionals have used classic tools such as press releases to get a brand or company’s message out to its publics. But there is an alternative option that is growing in popularity and quickly becoming accessible to millions of listeners around the world – podcasts. It’s time to consider the potential of podcasts to elevate your brand and harness their power to connect new audiences with your products or services.

For those who are unfamiliar, podcasts are on-demand digital audio files that can be streamed or downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or laptop (many at no cost). They are essentially a revitalization of talk radio that is both entertaining, informative and accessible from almost anywhere around the world.

According to Edison research, fifty-seven million Americans tune into podcasts monthly. Audio giants Spotify and Apple Music collectively offer over two million active podcasts in their catalogs. Since they can be accessed at the listener’s convenience, podcasts are a brilliant way to reach a time-starved audience. They allow you to speak directly to listeners while they’re multitasking – checking social media, going on a run or commuting to work.

Additionally, one of the best parts of podcasts is that listeners can search for your episode weeks, months, even years after it’s initially published. Promoting through social media using soundbites, images, snippets and teasers can further amplify your message once it is aired.

Here are a few additional tips to consider when adding podcasts to your communication strategy:

  • Do your research. Choosing which podcast to target is very similar to analyzing traditional media. Note the show’s audience and recent conversations, then select the one whose subject matter best aligns with your company or brand’s message.
  • Podcast listeners love a good story. Be sure to tie emotion to your message to make it more memorable for the audience.
  • Focus on the customer. Discuss trends and research in your industry that the audience is likely to be familiar with. Even better, try examining industry problems where you can then tie your product or service in as a solution.

If you are interested in finding a podcast to participate in, let us know. We can work with you to find the best platform and audience to relay your message exactly as you intended.