You’re focused on promoting all the exciting growth and strides your company is experiencing. Everything is trending upwards. Then, in a single moment, without any notice… everything changes.  


Are you prepared for when your organization faces a crisis? 


Recently, I had the opportunity to present at the Public Relation Society of America’s (PRSA) Communications Symposium at the Ritz-Carlton in Uptown Charlotte. My breakout session, entitled Navigating the Rough Waters of Crisis Communications, provided the audience with several factors to consider before their companies or organizations face a potential crisis. The discussion focused on my experience in the summer of 2016 as the Brand Communications Manager of the U.S. National Whitewater Center, when we found ourselves at the center of media attention on a national and international level… virtually overnight. Among a room of communications professionals, I offered a few key takeaways to help presently prepare their own companies and organizations. I asked them three simple questions: 


Who is your team? Know your key players to call on in a crisis situation before one arises. This will simplify the communications process in what will otherwise likely be a stressful period of time for your organization. 


Who is your audience? It may sound obvious… but it’s vitalIf you can clearly define who you are speaking to, it will help in crafting your message and determining the best mediums for sharing it. 


What is your voice? Your organization’s voice does not change in the face of a crisisRemain consistent with the reputation you have built for yourself. The public will recognize your authenticity and be more open to your message. 


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