Similar to the city itself, the Charlotte influencer environment has grown tremendously over recent years. With an expanding portfolio of influencers to look to for a local, on the ground perspective to Charlotte’s bests, a household name is and will always be Where to Eat Charlotte. However, Miranda Mounts, the mastermind behind Where to Eat Charlotte, isn’t just looking to build another recommendations page. She is setting out to develop the Where to Eat Charlotte brand into a community that connects the eater to the owner, the eater to the eater, the owner to the owner, and more.  

In the Charlotte area, Where to Eat Charlotte is synonymous with authenticity, connection, and intentionality. When considering who to partner with, the brand considers a handful of pillars that align with their core values – health, wellness, sustainability, and authenticity. In their own words, they don’t highlight brands they aren’t in love with. It’s paramount to them that the Where to Eat Charlotte community trusts their recommendations, and a recommendation is not just based on a bigger paycheck. Brands that they work with who encapsulate this include Organifi, Invigory, and LesserEvil – and their hopefully someday would be Siete!  

Miranda recently brought on a partner to grow the Where to Eat Charlotte team, the Ying to her Yang, Bethany Monaghan. Bethany’s background is in food sourcing which made her a natural fit to help bring the Where to Eat brand to life. In Miranda’s own words, Bethany joined and has spearheaded increased community and relationship building for the brand. This addition has allowed Miranda and Bethany to reflect on Where to Eat Charlotte and develop on their longer-term goals and vision for the brand. 

In recent months, Miranda and Bethany have used their untenable force to highlight different cuisines within Charlotte. They’ve found a renewed purpose in finding global cuisine opportunities within Charlotte itself, there is an abundance of diverse cuisines in our own city that people have brought to life! They want to highlight restaurants that are intentional and educate diners about another culture. An example of this Miranda spoke passionately about it Nile Grocery. Just recently, Miranda and Bethany visited the restaurant to learn about the art of Ethiopian dining and cuisine and experience a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.  

What can we expect in the near future for Where to Eat Charlotte? Miranda and Bethany are excited as they continue to ideate their long-term vision for the brand. While many ideas are being thrown around, they called out opportunities for in-person events for the Where to Eat Charlotte community, expanding to other social channels like YouTube, and more! As a part of building deeper relationships with their followers, these channels would serve as a platform to show the behind the scenes, authentically messy side of Where to Eat Charlotte and continue conversations with their followers. 

Where to Eat Charlotte’s Miranda and Bethany aren’t limiting themselves locally. In August 2022, the duo launched Where to Eat World, a page that highlights international cuisines, cultures, and communities. From destinations ranging from Italy to Colombia and Mexico, Where to Eat World echoes the ethos of Where to Eat Charlotte, bringing people together as a community to enjoy meals with people you love, and appreciate the cultures the meals emerged from. The spinoff brand was summed up by Miranda, as encouraging followers to explore the world and expand their palettes. 

We’re excited to see where Miranda and Bethany take the Where to Eat Charlotte brand over the next few years. Interested in following along too? Follow Where to Eat Charlotte on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube for the latest happenings!